Above is the original "proof of concept" Mogobot. The hardware is fully functional and was the test bed for development of the MogoBot Firmware.
The robot ran 3 Mitsumi stepper motors at 24Volts, and the Z8Encore microcontroller runs at 8 Mhz. Communications are done through a MAX3222 chip
over a RS232 connection at 2400,8,N,1. To create the 24V 16 AAA batteries were strapped onto the top deck. (Only 8 AA are shown, they were
later replaced by the AAA batteries.)

As of December 1,2005 this is the only known MogoBot, this particular robot has been donated to Thom Mercer at Marine Institute, and I have
started construction of a new prototype robot using the same electronics, but different 12V Stepper motors. I am hoping to have the prototype ready for
the beginning of March 2006, so I can continue to develop the firmware. The new improved robot will be an enclosed model with a fabricated PCB, and use
stepper motors that require less power.